We strive to be the leader in quality health care to all people in central and southern Illinois regardless of their ability to pay.

Financial Assistance

You may qualify for Financial Assistance, regardless of whether or not you are insured. If you are eligible for a discount, the amount of the discount will be based on your household income and the size of your family. In order to qualify for assistance, you will need to:

  • Thoroughly complete the SIU HealthCare application for Financial Support by filling out the Financial Application and either providing it to a SIU HealthCare staff member or mailing the form to the address listed below.
  • Provide documents proving income and expenses including tax forms, paycheck stubs, and rent or mortgage information.
  • Provide evidence you’ve attempted to obtain government assistance. For example, evidence you’ve applied for public assistance, SSI and/or Illinois KidCare.

Financial Assistance may include (depending on eligibility):

  • helping you apply for Medicaid,
  • and/or reducing the amount you owe for some services (there are no discounts on co-pays).

Financial Assistance will not be provided:

  • If you are receiving services for elective procedures.
  • If you are purchasing lab tests and/or products, or any services SIU HealthCare must pay a third party to acquire.
  • If you fail to pay your co-pays in a timely manner.

Any information we receive from you will be kept confidential. We understand this type of information is very sensitive, but it is very important when determining your eligibility.

If you need help completing the Financial Assistance application, please call SIU HealthCare’s Patient Business Services at 217-545-4966 or toll free at 888-203-1154. One of our representatives will be available to assist you.

If you intend to mail back your Financial Assistance application, please send it to:

  • SIU HealthCare
  • Patient Business Services
  • PO Box 20907
    Springfield, IL 62708-0907

We will review your application once it is received. A review of your application typically takes up to 10 business days. Once the review is complete, we will call you to advise you of your status and then send a follow-up letter.

Minimum Payment Expectations

If you do not have health insurance, we ask that you make a minimum payment when you check in for your appointment. The minimum payment is your recognition of the value you receive from your appointment.

If you have health insurance, and your policy states you have a co-payment, we are required by your insurance to collect your co-pay when you check in. After the minimum payment or co-payment is made, we will mail you a billing invoice if there is a remaining balance.

Minimum Payment Methods

We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards for payment of medical services.

Please Click Here for a Financial Assistance Application